Two Russians killed in helicopter crash in Turkey

Firefighter helicopter crashes in Turkey
©TC İçişleri Bakanlığı (Turkish Ministry of Interior)

A Russian-made fire brigade helicopter crashed in the Turkish city of Denizli while on its way to put out a forest fire in Marmaris. According to preliminary data, there were seven people on board, five of whom were Russians. Two citizens of the Russian Federation died as a result of the accident. About this on Wednesday, September 21, informs newspaper AydInlIk.

According to her, Russian engineer Alexander Yakovlev and technician Alexei Volkov died. Three more Russians – captain-pilot Ilya Ivsenko, co-pilot Yegor Turkov, technician Georgy Onuchin – and the rest of the passengers were taken to the hospital by ambulances.

The Russian embassy in Turkey confirmed the death of two Russians in a helicopter crash. They also noted that three Russian citizens were injured, transmits RIA News.

“We regret to inform you that as a result of a helicopter crash in the province of Denizli, two Russian citizens, engineer Alexander Yakovlev and technician Alexei Volkov, were killed, and three more Russian citizens were injured,” the embassy said.

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