tips on where to start (September 21, 2022)

More and more people do not want to work “for their uncle” and dream of starting their own business. They can be understood. Not everyone likes to get to the office and back through traffic jams every day, and perform routine tasks during the day.

However, for many aspiring entrepreneurs, it is exciting to go free swimming. It is not known if there will be clients. There is no understanding of how to sell your services, which product is better to choose and how to promote it.

We have put together a few tips in this article so you know how to proceed.

Recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Decide on a product.

Choose what you want to sell to others and objectively evaluate whether your product will be in demand on the market.

As a rule, doing business is easier if you choose a business that you like. For example, you draw well – you can try yourself as an illustrator. Or you have gained expertise in your field and are ready to share knowledge with others – then consider organizing online courses.

  • Rate your competitors.

Even if you are starting something from scratch, you already have competitors. Study which companies offer the same product, what characteristics it has, what audience competitors are targeting. Their experience will help you understand how to avoid mistakes at the first stages and what advantages your product can stand out in the market.

  • Create a unique selling proposition.

An entrepreneur should not only know everything about the qualities of the product, but also be able to present this information in an interesting way to the target audience. A good USP is targeted, contains a simple thesis and does not repeat other people’s proposals. To create this, work out a portrait of the target audience: who do you sell to, what interests and values ​​do customers have, how can your product help them.

If you have a complex product, such as an offline flower shop, there will be more steps to create a business. More aboutwhat else you might need.

Example: how to start a business as a copywriter

Today there are many opportunities to work online. For example, writing texts for various companies – that is, copywriting.

What should an aspiring freelance entrepreneur do to start earning in this field?

First, formulate a complete list of services. It may include writing long-read articles, editing texts, rewriting, developing texts for commercial offers and presentations, etc.

The second step is to check how competitors work – to study what they offer and at what price. Competitors can be found on specialized exchanges, platforms for freelancers and job search.

Compare similar offers. So, a novice copywriter who has been working for less than a year can charge 250 rubles for 1000 characters for services. As soon as he increases the skill, prices can be raised.

The third stage is to understand who belongs to the target audience of services. Copywriters write texts for individuals and business owners, work with agencies and large companies. You can specify further – for example, write only on medical, financial or legal topics. Or not to choose and work in all segments.


If you want to open a business, accept the fact that you will make mistakes, lose customers, and be inferior to competitors in some ways. But if you regularly analyze your actions and adjust the work plan in time, you can achieve success in your business.

Sometimes the most important thing is just to start. How to do it right, you now know.

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