They say a last goodbye to Elizabeth, a teacher murdered in Xalapa, Veracruz

Family and friends of the teacher Elizabeth they accompanied her to the pantheon Forests of Remembrancein Xalapa, Veracruz, to say goodbye.

With sadness and some with tears, they also went to the Mary Mother of the Church Parish, Cempoala Streetwhere at 11 a.m. a body mass was held to ask for his eternal rest.

The body of the deputy director of the “Adolfo Ruiz Cortines” primary school She was veiled at the Bosques del Recuerdo funeral home, where her loved ones stayed by her side and prayed for her.

Teachers from different teachers’ unions were also present at the mass who, like family and friends of the teacher, still cannot believe what happened.

The coffin left the church minutes after 11:40 a.m. to be put on a carriage, which took it to the cemetery. Next to him, numerous people walked slowly to place white roses on him.

The funeral procession moved slowly towards the Murillo Vidal Avenue and from there he diverted to the Río Tesechoacán street to go out to Rébsamen and continue to your final destination: the Bosques del Recuerdo pantheon.

Entry to the cemetery was only allowed to his loved ones. The vehicles entered the pantheon little by little and some of the attendees arrived on foot, some with offerings of flowers.

Among those present there is still the question of what happened, why the death of the teacher Bettywhom they remember as a woman of values ​​and hardworking.

Attack on the teacher

The crime occurred around 7:20 a.m. on Wednesday.when two men on a motorcycle shot her in front of the “Adolfo Ruiz Cortines” primary school, where she worked as deputy director.

In the attack, his 7-year-old grandson was shot in the leg and is currently reported as stable.

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The State Attorney General’s Office is in charge of the investigations and it is said that there is a line of investigation, which works with total secrecy to avoid hindering the development of the proceedings.

Originally published in Xalapa Diary

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