They present timeless fashion, which goes beyond trends – El Sol de México

Unstructured strokes, geometric cuts, pieces oversizeddraped and knots in top pieces, define the current trend in fashion, which is currently not based on seasonal collections, but rather the design is committed to a proposal without restrictions and for any occasion and time of year.

This is what the Mexican designers from San Luis Potosí, Analú Diaz Infante and Gaby Lambertwho recently presented their new collection through their signature kythe located in the Polanco area.

The line is based on a style that fuses classic with the avant-garde achieving everyday garments elegant and feminine. High-quality silks, leather, cottons and attractive materials are key in the artisan design in its preparation where the silk charmeuseis, without a doubt, its key material.

“Our favorite material is silk, mainly charmeuse; we love the fall and shape that it gives to the pieces and the shine that it has. This fabric adds to the pieces elegance, without losing the versatility of the design”assures Analú Díaz Infante.

The theme of the sustainability, as part of a constant in international fashion design, is one of the priorities for these creatives. “The concept of the firm is based on the durability and quality of its pieces, therefore, it is essential that each one of them be produced with the best materials, so we choose pure fabrics, as well as a detailed and artisanal preparation of each one. garment”, says Gaby Lambert.

The name of the brand arose from the need to find an unusual and short word, which had a representative meaning, and as they explain, “the word kythe was what we were looking for. It is an English etymology which means to manifest, to make known, to make yourself noticed”.

His inspiration is based on a certain lifestyle that includes a certain minimalismthe management of different textures, neutral colors, architecture, modern art, interior designamong other.

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