They issue a formal prison order for former commander José Rodríguez Pérez, linked to the Ayotzinapa case

This morning, federal judge Enrique Beltrán issued a formal arrest warrant for José Rodríguez Pérez, former commander of the 27th Infantry Battalion, based in Iguala, Guerrero, and alleged intellectual author of the murder of six young normalistas from Ayotzinapa after they were deprived of their liberty on September 26, 2014.

Rodríguez Pérez remains imprisoned in the prison of Military Camp 1-A since last September 14, when the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) voluntarily surrendered to respond to the accusations against him for his alleged responsibility in the Ayotzinapa case.

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According to federal sources, together with Captain José Martínez Crespo and Sergeant Eduardo Mota Esquivel, the ex-commander of the Secretariat of National Defense is accused by the crime of organized crime for its alleged links with the criminal group known as “Guerreros Unidos”however, the first two are also charged with the charge of enforced disappearance.

On August 26, a few days after presenting the most recent report of the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice on the Ayotzinapa case, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Alejandro Encinas, announced that Rodríguez Pérez would have been responsible for ordering the death of six young normalistas who remained alive days after their forced disappearance.

At the president’s morning conference Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorthe Government official pointed out that “the students remained alive until four days after the events (the night of September 26, 2014) and that they were killed and disappeared by orders of The colonelpresumably the then Colonel José Rodríguez Pérez”.

Said statement would be the first time that the federal government linked a military command with the disappearance and death of the young normalistas. Later that weekend it would be known of 83 arrest warrants issued against former officials and alleged members of organized crime for their responsibility in the events.

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Among them, at least 20 military and troop commanders for their negligence in the face of the disappearance of the young people or that they would have been in collusion with Guerreros Unidoscriminal group to which the responsibility is imputed.

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