They exonerate a woman who murdered her husband in self-defense in Monterrey

While there are 70 femicides in Nuevo León, a woman who suffered violence for years and who saw her life and that of her youngest daughter in danger, in self-defense took her husband’s life.

Andrea Maqueda Martínez, has set a precedent, for years she received blows, violence and offenses from her husband, until she killed him in a fight, but the defense and the Judge accredited self-defense and now she is free.

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The Control and Oral Criminal Judge, Arturo Cipriano Garza de León, made the determination to issue an order not to be linked to the process.

The events took place in the Estanzuela neighborhood, south of Monterrey, on September 11, when the husband arrived drunk and drugged and then began to beat his wife and daughter.

“The lawsuit escalated and at one point Andrea took a cable from an electrical device and placed it around the neck of her husband who died. Then she spoke to the police and turned herself in,” explains his defense attorney Juan José Leal Rodríguez.

The lawyer remembers that, for years, every weekend, the man would arrive drunk and drugged, and would start it against his wife and daughter. It was a repetitive situation and Andrea Maqueda received the blows, until the unfortunate events occurred.

The defense established, among other resources, that he had no intention of committing the homicide and that he only defended himself against the attacks.

“The Penal Code establishes justification in certain cases, when certain circumstances occur and certain actions are justified,” explains the lawyer Leal Rodríguez.

The case resulted in two hearings where it was established that the life of the woman and her youngest daughter was in danger, for which the judge determined her freedom, in a case that has no precedent and is framed in a series of femicides and family violence that took place. given in the country and specifically in Nuevo León, adds the defense.

“In this case, everything that is currently being experienced as a society led the judge to review the case and analyze it from a gender perspective,” Add.

Lawyer Leal Rodríguez establishes the need for the authorities to respond quickly to the call of women who report aggression and violence, since they usually respond very late, when the unfortunate events have already been recorded.

Nuevo León has five conurbation municipalities with a Gender Violence Alert, but Guadalupe and Juárez are the ones that lead the femicides with 11 and 9 respectively.

The municipalities of Monterrey, Cadereyta and Apodaca, are among the five municipalities that concentrate half of the femicides reported so far this year, and that add up to 70, reports Graciela Buchanan, head of the State Secretariat for Women.

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The 66 crimes of last year were exceeded, adds the official who attributes the violent acts to the consumption of alcohol and drugs, of which it is not yet estimated how much has increased after the pandemic.

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