There are 4 police officers killed in Baja California in 10 days

derived from the incidents registered yesterday in San Felipe, Lower California, in which two died police officersthe President of the State Confederation of Police Associations of Baja California, Alejandro Monreal Noriega, regretted the fact and called for the state congress legislate in such a way that they can take home their weapons.

Also former director of the Municipal police of Mexicalirecalled that there are different pending issues to legislate, among them that the law be adjusted so that the agents of municipal corporations can carry weapons, even when they are outside of service.

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Said currently only some elements of state corporations can carry it out of service, however, he considered that it is necessary to replicate the same with the municipal police.

Allow them to carry their weaponhe said, would give them the opportunity to safeguard their integrity even when they stop working, as well as their families.

Montreal mourned the death of the officers Norbert Ornelas Y Erik Aeriewhose families will be supported by the group he presides over to face the mourning and some expenses inherent to the death of your loved one.

The entire arrangement of Government of Condition and condolences to the relatives was what the governor expressed Marine of Pilar Avila Olmeda on his social networks, after the armed attack suffered by elements of the Policeman of San Felipe, Baja California, and led to the death of the deputy director and commander of the area.

Avila Olmedawho is outside the country, condemned the events that occurred on his social networks and lamented the murder of the two elements, Commander Norbert Ornelas and the deputy director Erik Aerieand expressed his willingness to provide support from the state administration.

“From the Government of Condition we will work on Coordination so that the sanfelipenses feel safe and we will collaborate in whatever is necessary with the Attorney General of Condition in clarifying these terrible facts

It was Tuesday afternoon-night when, around 6:40 p.m., the detonation of firearms against the commanders was reported. policewhile they left the address of the director of the corporation, Ramon Valdez Salas, who was uninjured.

As a result of these events, a strong operation is carried out in the Port of San Philipin which elements of the Mexican army participate, the Attorney General of Condition and the police municipalbut that until yesterday night had not generated any arrest.

One person was secured for his alleged active participation in the armed attack on elements of the Municipal police of San Felipe, Baja California, last night, said the Attorney General Ricardo Ivan Carpio.

As mentioned in the weekly conference of the State Govermentit was a direct aggression against the items of public securitywhich resulted in two deceased elements.

According to fiscala person allegedly related to the events has been identified, but there are two more people who could also have intervenedalthough they consider that there were at least eight participants in the attack.

In addition to arrests, corporations police they have seized more than a thousand cartridges of various calibers, 10 firearms, two vehicles, operational paraphernalia and seven vests bulletproof with the initials JGLwhich are allegedly related to a criminal organization of Sinaloa.

“We are considering each and every one of the variables, so as not to leave any data unattended”

The attorney general of Lower California reported that the agents were intercepted surprising by at least eight people traveling in two vehicleswho attacked the municipal agents with firearms, to be repelled by other elements that arrived shortly after.

Note originally published in The Voice of the Border

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