The West decided to refrain from urgent deliveries of modern tanks to Ukraine – ExpertRU

Washington and Berlin are hesitant about making a decision regarding the supply of American Abrams and German Leopard tanks to Kyiv, citing difficulties with logistics and training of military personnel.

According to Politico, citing sources, Western countries are currently in no hurry to fulfill the requirements of Ukraine, which calls for urgently sending modern equipment to it.

According to Kyiv, the Abrams and Leopard tanks can significantly increase the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But, according to the publication, American and German officials in charge of national security issues doubt the appropriateness of such supplies, in particular, due to logistical difficulties and training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in its use.

It is noted that these vehicles are fundamentally different from the tanks of the Soviet era, which are now used by Ukraine, and require special maintenance and logistical support.

“This is a rather serious obstacle for Ukraine to receive not only American-made tanks, but also spare parts for their maintenance,” one of the American officials quoted the publication as saying. According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, it would be more logical to supply German Leopards, since they are similar to the tanks that are already operated by Kyiv and require less fuel. However, Germany has repeatedly rejected Ukraine’s request for the supply of these tanks, and Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht recently said that Berlin agreed with NATO partners not to take such actions “unilaterally.”

On Wednesday, September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. As the head of the Russian Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu specified, a total of 300 thousand reservists will be called up, approximately 1% of the country’s mobilization resource will be used.

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