The US cancels Trump’s rule that toughened work permits for migrants seeking asylum

The government of President Joe Biden canceled this Wednesday a rule of his predecessor, Donald Trump, which toughened the granting of work permits to foreigners who arrive in the US seeking asylum with longer waits and payment for biometric identification, among other barriers. .

The guideline formally sets in motion a court ruling from last February that struck down that rule.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recalled this Wednesday in a statement that on February 8 it had stopped applying the regulations stipulated in June 2020 by the Republican Trump.

In this way, “certain provisions that regulated interviews for asylum requests are removed, and eligibility for employment authorization based on the pending asylum application,” he explained.

DHS indicated that the first-time asylum seeker filing a work permit application now no longer has to pay the previously required $85 for biometric identification when filing the work permit application.

Dozens of human rights and migrant advocacy organizations had sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas calling for the removal “of the draconian rules enacted by the Trump administration to prevent asylum seekers from earning a living and They will support their families.”

The regulations established by the Trump administration extended the waiting period for an asylum seeker to apply for a work permit from 150 to 365 days and prohibited permits to people who had not entered the US through a regular port of entry, or who had been convicted of certain crimes.

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Going forward, the Government will only apply the crime-related criteria for serious crime convictions.

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