The State Duma Defense Committee proposed to “point the finger” at those who were mobilized from the street

After the partial mobilization announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, various rumors appeared on social networks that create panic in society. This is being done deliberately in order to create a situation in the country for a change of power, Major General Andrey Gurulyov, a member of the State Duma Defense Committee, told Profile.

“This is how the center of information and psychological operations of Ukraine works together with the British and Americans. It is they who spread various rumors about partial mobilization, and some in Russia pick them up. Point your finger at exactly where, who was stopped and who was not released where, and it becomes clear that There is no such situation,” he said.

According to the major general, the main task pursued by the West is not so much the victory over Russia today, but the change of the political regime and Putin personally. To do this, they are trying to stir up protest moods in the country, organize rallies and strikes, and partial mobilization is used as an excuse.

“Now I can’t speak for the whole country, because little time has passed since the announcement of partial mobilization. I’ll speak for my Trans-Baikal Territory. There are people there who immediately after the message come to the military enlistment offices and sign up. There are real examples, today the men came by themselves, already with things, their wives saw them off, everything is very worthy. Many people have no doubts that our country is doing everything right. The President has issued a decree, we must comply with it,” the politician stressed.

The day before, Putin signed a decree on partial mobilization. Shoigu specified that 300,000 reservists would be called up, which is just over 1% of the total mobilization resource of the Russian Federation, which is almost 25 million conscripts.

Rane Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov explainedthat the decision on partial mobilization is due to the fact that the Russian Federation is now de facto opposed to NATO.

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