The seventh Quebec film festival begins at the Cineteca Nacional – El Sol de México

With proposals that question the world order and the dynamics of film industrythe sample of cinema Quebecine return to the National Cinematheque to celebrate its seventh edition, which starts today and will run until October 2 to exhibit the best of the seventh art made in the Canadian region of Québec.

They will be presented completely free of charge 10 films in 20 exhibitions, of which six were made by women, as well as five first works. In addition, a cycle of talks will be offered with six invited creators and four representatives of the film industry that will allow viewers to learn about the current condition of the Quebec cinema.

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“The show is a mix of genres, with many films that move in a fine line between the documentary film, fantasy and fiction. There is in them a desire to experiment with the way to denounce, to challenge and, also, to make a call to represent quebec in all its aspects, both of its cultures and its territories”, explained Caroline Galipeau, director of the exhibition.

Between the films that will be screened include the debut films A reviewby Catherine Therrien, which deals with the religious and philosophical resistance of a student; Noemie says yesby Geneviève Albert, which makes a harsh criticism of prostitution in quebec, from a female gaze; Y confessions, by director Luc Picard, a fiction made from the violent events that caused one of the territorial disputes between gang members in Canada, known as “the Quebec biker war”, which left more than 160 dead and several dozen injured.

“For us it is very good to have here again Quebecine, among other things, because we are trying to get back to normal. Without a doubt, it is very important to return to the previous activities, Quebecinewhich held up very well until the pandemic, with a great program that in each movie had around 200 spectators”, says Nelson Carro, director of Diffusion and Programming of the Cinematheque.

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this time Quebecine inaugurates its first meeting of professional cultural exchanges between Mexico and Quebec, Circuito Pro, on September 26, with a round table in which specialists from the film industry They will talk about how to facilitate filming in both countries.

This meeting will feature the participation of Edher Campos, producer of Machete Producciones; Chanelle Routhier, film commissioner of the Bureau du Cinéma et de la Télévision du Québec; and Diana Álvarez Segobiano, coordinator of the Mexican Commission of Filming. The event will be broadcast on social media Quebecine.

The complete billboard of this film sample can be consulted on the official website of the Cineteca Nacional,

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