The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded to ensure the unconditional export of Russian fertilizers

fertilizer in hand

Moscow insists that the export of Russian ammonia fertilizers be carried out without any additional conditions. On Friday, September 23, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Vershinin spoke about this.

The official dismissed the possibility of the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine affecting the negotiations on the export of Russian fertilizers, stressing that this issue should not be subject to any additional conditions, informs TASS.

Vershinin recalled that the “product deal” concluded by representatives of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN includes not only grain and cereals, but also fertilizers. Since ammonia is a critical fertilizer that should provide a sustainable agricultural 2023 for many countries, this issue remains under discussion.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also gave a positive assessment of the UN efforts to implement the agreements reached and to resume the export of fertilizers from Russia, the diplomat said.

The UN Secretary-General previously pointed out the need to ensure free export of fertilizers from Russia through Europe, and also noted that, within the framework of the World Food Program, the UN can deliver 300,000 tons of Russian fertilizers accumulated in European seaports to poor countries. This topic has been discussed on the sidelines of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, the head of an international organization and the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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