The Russian Defense Ministry clarified the categories of citizens who will not be subject to mobilization

Within the framework of partial mobilization, citizens with higher education working in high-tech industries, as well as the financial system of Russia, will not be called up. This was announced on Friday, September 23, in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

As clarified in the department, citizens working in accredited organizations in the field of information technology and involved in the development, development and operation of solutions in the field of IT technologies are not subject to partial mobilization. In addition, we are talking about citizens with higher education working “in Russian telecom operators and involved in ensuring the stability, security and integrity of the functioning of communication facilities, data processing centers.”

It is noted that Russians working in organizations that ensure the stability of the national payment system and financial market infrastructure will also receive a reprieve from partial mobilization. indicated in the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia is now clarifying the procedure for obtaining a deferment for employees of IT companies. It is known that the lists of citizens, which the heads of the relevant organizations must submit to the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, will be considered the basis for exemption from mobilization.

President of the Russian Federation 21 September announced a partial mobilization. As the head of the Ministry of Defense emphasized, 300 thousand reservists will be called up within its framework. At the same time, mobilization will not affect conscripts and university students.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet created a call center on the procedure for conducting partial mobilization in the country. As explained in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, first of all, artillerymen, shooters, driver-mechanics and tankers will be called. First of all, the military registration and enlistment office will pay attention to the presence of combat experience.

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