The psychologist told how to cope with the postponed life syndrome

Many people set conditions on themselves to enjoy life, such as allowing themselves to have a personal life only after achieving certain career goals. This phenomenon is called the delayed life syndrome. Psychologist Maya Andriyanicheva told Tula news service, how to recognize such a syndrome in yourself and how to cope with it.

The expert explained that delayed life syndrome is a condition in which a person has a certain goal in the future that prevents them from enjoying life in the present. The owner of such a syndrome seems to be postponing life for later, waiting for the onset of “hour X”.

The main symptom of the postponed life syndrome is dissatisfaction with the present and the constant expectation of some kind of turning point, Andriyanicheva said. A person does not seem to live, but exists, not allowing himself to relax.

According to the psychologist, people in leadership positions often suffer from delayed life syndrome – work and career do not allow them to take up their personal lives or just relax. Also, this syndrome is often found in young mothers who devote all their time to the child.

To cope with the postponed life syndrome, you need to stop seeing your life as a draft. It is necessary to realize what exactly a person wants, and what he can do without. Then, perhaps, it will become clear that everything is not so bad in the present, the psychologist said.

Andriyanicheva also recommended to draw up an algorithm of actions that will lead to a big victory. In it, you need to celebrate small achievements and allow yourself to rejoice in each of them.

Dissatisfaction with one’s life is often aggravated in autumn. During this period, many feel depressed and discouraged. The psychotherapist said how to deal with this condition using simple tricks.

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