The program “Sukhbat” will be aired on the TV channel “Jibek Joly”

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Today, the Jibek Joly TV channel will air the Sukhbat program with Lyaila Sultankyzy, Kazinform correspondent reports.

“Sukhbat” is the author’s program of Lyaila Sultankyzy, which airs on Thursdays on the Jibek Joly channel. The program includes conversations with officials, public figures, masters of art.

The purpose of the program is to show famous people from a different angle, to talk about the changes in their lives. Talk about the risks on the life path of these people, their bold steps and their regrets, find out their personal position regarding important events in public life. The film set is organized in accordance with each character of the program. The guests of the program talk about their successes, about their past and present, share their thoughts about the present and society. At the end of the broadcast, the guest is asked 5 questions. The questions are unexpected, interesting and important for every guest.

Frames from the video

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