The pharmacologist revealed the main mistakes in the storage of medicines

Many Russians are accustomed to storing medicines on shelves in the refrigerator door, but this is not a safe option. This was announced on Saturday, September 24, by a candidate of medical sciences, a senior lecturer in the Department of Pharmacology of the Russian National Research Medical University. Pirogov Andrey Kondrakhin.

Specialist in an interview with Sputnik radio warned from storing medicines in the refrigerator door, explaining that when it is opened, a temperature difference occurs. This negatively affects the properties of drugs.

In addition, the close proximity of pharmaceuticals and food products carries a certain risk: fumes from medicines can get on food, and this is unacceptable.

Another mistake some people make when storing medicines is using cabinets in the bathroom. Movies and TV shows often show how characters take pills or drops from such a cabinet in the bathroom and take them while looking at themselves in the mirror. However, in real life, this is an undesirable option, Kondrakhin said.

The expert explained that the bathroom is an environment with high humidity, and the instructions for any medicine say that the humidity during its storage should be normal.

To determine the storage conditions for drugs, you need to carefully read the instructions for them. At home, it is generally recommended to keep medicines in closed but well-ventilated areas. If the drug requires a lower storage temperature, you need to put it in an airtight container and only then put it in the refrigerator.

Violation of storage conditions leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. Experts told about the most common mistakes and gave some advice on the proper organization of storage of medicines.

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