The number of medical criminal offenses increased in Kazakhstan by 12% over the year

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – In January-August this year, 181 medical criminal offenses were registered in the country, which is 12.4% more than a year earlier, Kazinform reports with reference to the website

Among the victims, there were 126 women, as well as 8 minors, 7 pensioners and 1 convict. In the same period last year, 161 criminal offenses were registered in the sector in the country, the annual reduction was immediately 37.1%.

In the regional context, the majority of such criminal offenses were registered in the Almaty region: 18 cases, as in the previous year.

Almaty was on the second line of anti-leadership: 16 cases, annual growth – immediately by 77.8%. Next come the capital and Pavlodar region: 15 cases in each of the regions, and if in Astana the figures coincide with last year, then in Pavlodar region the growth was 87.5%.

Least of all medical criminal offenses were in Ulytau (1 case) and Abay (2 cases) regions due to the statistical features of the newly formed regions, as well as in Kostanay region (3 cases).

Immediately 96.1% of offenses were cases of improper performance of professional duties by medical or pharmaceutical workers: 174 offenses, plus 10.8% per year.

5 cases of illegal medical and pharmaceutical activities and 1 case of illegal abortions and falsification of medicines and medical devices were registered.

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