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Humberto Zurita joins the second season of the unexplainedin the Latin American version of Show American. “I am sure that the public will follow us because they are fantastic stories, with great research. It is a strong commitment to be the host or representative of this project, I feel very flattered and honored, wanting to do it very well.

“This is something that exceeds me since I had never participated as a host in a program, much less in one so important. We are going to try to follow William Shatner (who is in charge of the American edition) more and be at his level, at the level of his shoes, I feel very grateful, “said Zurita in a virtual press conference.

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The actor he said he was a believer in a force much greater than the human; Although from a young age the Catholic religion was instilled in him, Zurita confessed not to practice it and, although he is not afraid to face something paranormal, he did say respect him.

“I was raised in Catolic religionI spent three years in a seminary studying to become a priest, many years ago and one day I realized that it was not my vocation, I was until the third year of high school and I left it and today I am not a practitioner, but my roots I cannot even I want to boot completely.

“Until now nothing strange has happened to me, but I do remember that once I was in a theater, I did a season for three years, it was a play that I produced, directed and acted in, it was called The protagonist”, he recalled.

“The theater where I assembled it, I transformed it, it was circular and I made it an Italian forum, I removed seats from one side and embedded them in the center and things began to happen in the back that I never saw, but the crew always felt a heavy energy and strange, I started going to the theater one or two hours before and I would go to that back to see what was happening because I would like to sit in one of these places and say: ‘let’s see, show up and tell me what you want so we can talk,'” he indicated.

The protagonist of the Serie The gallant he confessed that his whole life has been surrounded by stories, myths and legends; In fact, it was in his hometown, Torreón, Coahuila, where he first met one of the many versions of La Llorona; In addition to scaring him Zurita It generated great interest in him to discover what is really happening with this, for which he once again appreciated the opportunity to lead said project, which will begin broadcasts on October 3, at 9:50 p.m., by History.

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“When I was born those stories were still very much alive in people, they kept talking about it in the streets, in the neighborhood where I lived, at night, when noises or strange things were heard I always thought of the weeping woman they were talking about and little by little You discover that there are other stories that influence you in your life.

“La llorona is a very special topic for me, that of looking for her children and crying at night, not only scared me, I was also passionate about knowing the mystery of what really happened,” said the 68-year-old actor.

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