The national team of Kazakhstan defeated the players of Belarus and advanced to Group B of the League of Nations

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – In the match of the fifth round of the group stage of the League of Nations, the national team of Kazakhstan played with Belarus at home, Kazinform reports with reference to

The hosts needed a win in order to secure first place ahead of schedule and reach League B, while the guests are leading in the fight for survival in C.

The starting lineups were as follows:

Kazakhstan: Shatsky, Gabyshev, Maly, Marochkin, Alip, Vorogovsky, Orazov, Tagybergen, Darabaev, Zainutdinov, Aimbetov;

Belarus: Khatkevich, Pechenin, Yudenkov, Shvetsov, Polyakov, Ebong, Yablonsky, Klimovich, Shevchenko, Savitsky, Bogomolsky.

Belarus showed itself actively in attack from the first minutes. Kazakhstan gradually leveled the game and had a chance to open an account, but Aslan Darabayev hit the goalkeeper with a point-blank shot. After that, the hosts opened the scoring quite quickly, Ramzan Orazov found Mikhail Gabyshev, who had run in, in the penalty area, and he outplayed Yegor Khatkevich in a heads-up – 1:0. The guests managed to equalize in the stoppage time for the first half, Pavel Savitsky did it – 1:1. In the second half, Sergei Maly and Gabyshev missed excellent chances to score, the opponents had their chances, Igor Shatsky demonstrated his level. The mentors made substitutions, the Kazakhs improved and got their way, the winning goal was scored by Baktier Zainutdinov. 2:1 – the first victory of Kazakhstan under Belarus in history.

Thus, Kazakhstan took first place in the group ahead of schedule and advanced to League B of the League of Nations.

Kazakhstan – Belarus 2:1 (1:0)

Goals: Gabyshev 29 (1:0), Savitsky 45+3 (1:1), Zaynutdinov 89 (2:1)

Removal: Tagybergen 90+4.


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