The Ministry of Internal Affairs called fake messages about car checks and sending drivers for mobilization

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation denied the information that the police would allegedly stop cars with male drivers on the roads and send them to the military commissariats.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in its message published an example of a fake order, in which the police were allegedly instructed to “stop light vehicles under the control of male citizens” and “after checking the documents, send them to representatives of the military commissariats.” About it wrote “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on Tuesday, September 22.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia officially declares that this published scan of the alleged instructions of the GUOBDD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is fake, and the information contained in this “document” is false,” the agency also quoted the publication as saying.

The head of the Federation Council committee on defense and security previously recalled the rules for serving the mobilization agenda. He indicated that the agenda must be handed conscript in person.

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