The military commissar of Moscow published an order on mobilization

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Military Commissar of Moscow Viktor Shchepilov on Thursday, September 22, signed the order “On the announcement of mobilization.” Partial mobilization is valid in the capital from 9:00 on September 21.

According to the order, all officers, warrant officers, midshipmen, sergeants, foremen, soldiers and reserve sailors who have received summons must appear at the military registration and enlistment offices on the specified dates. When appearing for mobilization, they are required to have documents and personal belongings with them, informs Moscow City News Agency.

As Profile wrote, during the period of military service as part of partial mobilization, the drafted Muscovites will be pay an additional 50 thousand rubles. every month. In case of a minor injury, he is entitled to an additional payment in the amount of 500 thousand rubles, and in case of a severe injury – 1 million rubles. In the event of the death of the family of the deceased, he will receive 3 million rubles from the Moscow authorities.

Formerly Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation issued clarifications for partial mobilization. As explained in the department, first of all, shooters, artillerymen, tankers and mechanic drivers will be called. The main factor is the presence of combat experience.

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