The head of KLMZ was awarded the badge “Honorary Machine Builder”

Zhanibek Baigabelov, Chairman of the Board of the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant, was awarded the title of “Honorary Machine Builder”. The solemn presentation of the award took place within the framework of the X Forum of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan, which was held in Astana on September 22-23. In addition to the head of KLMZ, the badge of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development was also received by other representatives of the industry who contributed to its development.

The program of the second day of the forum included 12 thematic breakout sessions, one of which was dedicated to the topic of mechanical engineering for the mining and metallurgical complex. It was attended by representatives of the machine-building divisions of the leading MMC companies, as well as the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Poland, Alim Kirabayev. The Ambassador shared with the participants the experience of Polish industrial enterprises, which have achieved great success through technological modernization. In turn, Turar Zholmagambetov, Deputy Chairman of the Industrial Development Committee, spoke about the available development tools for the domestic engineering industry and outlined the main threats facing the industry today.

“The first is the widening gaps in the use of technology between mining companies. For example, I was in Karaganda and saw a plant with ultra-modern machine tools, a strong team and a clear strategy for 10-15 years, and I was at a plant in Stepnogorskoye, where nothing has changed since the 90s.

In addition, there is the issue of staff shortages. Basically, production is based on previous generations of workers, we do not see an influx of new ones. And this is also a big challenge for the economy.

Another problem is the rising cost of raw materials. Price fluctuations today reach from 100 to 200%, and we cannot predict what will happen next. Europe remains without gas, a number of large metallurgical industries are closed. But the European market is solvent and can import products from all continents. This will also lead to an increase in prices for rolled metal products,” the Deputy Chairman of the Industry Committee listed.

The challenges of the new time is the main topic of the anniversary forum of machine builders. And as the speakers noted, during this period it is important not only to hold on, but to find a solution to the problem, which in the future could minimize any risks for machine builders in Kazakhstan.

“The world has changed, all the logistics and technological chains that have existed for decades, since the 60s, have been suddenly disrupted. We see that the enterprises with which we have cooperated for so many years are becoming competitive. Today it is important to develop our technological sovereignty in Kazakhstan, that is, to be ready for global challenges that create certain difficulties for us, such as unstable supplies of castings, raw materials, rolled metal, electrical equipment,” Zhanibek Baigabelov stressed.

He also spoke about new opportunities in the Kazakh market.

“Now any customer or private enterprise can place their machine-building orders. We are used to the fact that our machine-building enterprises work only for corporate needs, but now they are provided with an additional reserve, which will be available for the market. If high-quality castings and packages appear in Kazakhstan, then SMEs will develop, and there are more effective state support tools for this,” added the head of KLMZ.

By the way, the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant itself produces only 70% of products by order of Kazakhmys, and the remaining 30% – for other customers, this is about 200 companies annually.

“We are aware of our responsibility to the entire industry, as we are the driver of the development of mechanical engineering in Kazakhstan. We have carried out a major modernization of metalworking – $60 million was spent on new modern equipment. For three years, we have increased production volumes by 2.8 times without increasing the number of personnel. This was achieved both through equipment upgrades and new solutions. And we plan to develop further and develop our subcontractors,” summed up the head of KLMZ.

The 10th Forum of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan is the main industry event in the industry and is a unique platform for the development of cooperative ties. The purpose of the exhibition is to promote the accelerated development of the engineering industry, strengthen trade and economic ties, as well as provide the necessary conditions for an effective dialogue between the state and business.

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