The government and the Central Bank will determine the conditions for writing off loans in the event of the death of a soldier

Russian military personnel

Russian servicemen (file photo)

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The Russian government, together with the Central Bank, will establish the maximum amount of loan obligations that can be terminated in the event of the death of a soldier. We are talking not only about mobilized Russians, but also about contract soldiers.

The draft law submitted to the State Duma states that the maximum amount of obligations can be differentiated by types of loans, writes Friday, September 23, TASS. The document establishes the procedure for granting a grace period, during which the suspension of credit obligations for a period specified by the borrower is provided. This period cannot exceed the period of military service.

It is also possible to reduce the amount of payments during the grace period. Partial or complete termination of obligations is provided for both under the contracts of a serviceman and under loans of persons who are dependent on him, in the event of death during military service or death due to an injury.

Sometimes, after repaying the loan, the bank may declare the balance of the debt. Why is this happening, told the lawyer.

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