The expert told why you can not fill a full tank of gasoline

Refilling the car
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Filling the fuel tank to capacity is fraught with breakdowns in the entire fuel system. Modern cars are less prone to this problem, but they are not immune from breakdowns. Auto expert Maxim Ryazanov explained other reasons why a full tank should not be filled.

According to the expert, when the tank is completely filled, it is likely to disrupt the ventilation system. Gasoline in this case will simply begin to pour out through the drainage tubes. Potentially, this threatens to ignite – it will be enough for the fuel to get on the wiring, informs “Tarantas-News” on Thursday, September 22.

In older vehicles, gasoline can also leak out due to a poorly fitting gas tank cap. More modern cars have a special fuse and will simply not start if the fuel level in the tank is so high.

However, underfilling of fuel at gas stations is also worth keeping an eye on. The specialist previously said that unscrupulous gas station employees can take advantage of the moment when the driver pays for fuel and underfill the car up to two liters gasoline.

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