The European Union may ban the import of diamonds from Russia

Ban on the export of diamonds
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New European Union (EU) sanctions against Russia may include measures to ban imports of Russian diamonds and other luxury goods. About this on Wednesday, September 21, writes newspaper Politico, referring to European diplomats.

It is also noted that as part of the preparation of new sanctions, representatives of the EU countries may study a plan to introduce a price limit for oil supplied from the Russian Federation. This topic is now being discussed within the framework of the G7 (“Big Seven”). “Other potential measures could be additional lists of individuals,” the article states.

The European Commission will begin consultations with representatives of EU countries on the upcoming package of sanctions in the coming days.

According to foreign media, the European Union, the United States, Canada and Ukraine have called for Russian diamonds to be given the status of “conflict”. If this call to action is accepted, such gems may not be allowed to trade on the international market. The US and some other countries have previously imposed import restrictions on Russian rough diamonds.

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