The EU will not take part in hostilities in Ukraine

Borrell on the package of sanctions against Russia

EU diplomat Josep Borrell

©Tobias Hase/dpa/Global Look Press

No EU country will participate directly in the military conflict in Ukraine. This was stated by the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell.

The diplomat noted that the EU initially positioned itself as a party that is not directly involved in the conflict. Nevertheless, the European Union will continue to support Ukraine with arms supplies and the imposition of new sanctions against Russia. Broadcast of Borrell’s speech was conducted on the official website of the 77th UN General Assembly.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia spoke about the supply of Western countries with weapons to Ukraine. He stated that pumping up Kyiv with weapons prolongs the conflict and puts off the prospect of a settlement.

At the same time, the minister also noted that Russia does not refuse to continue peace talks with Ukraine. However, the longer it is delayed negotiation process Moscow and Kyiv, the more difficult it will be to agree.

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