The EU may cancel the right of veto in decisions concerning the Russian Federation due to mobilization


As part of the eighth package of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation, the European Union will expand the sanctions lists at the expense of Russian officials. When voting on issues concerning Russia, the EU can also remove the existing veto. RIA Novosti writes about this, referring to an informed source in the European Union.

According to the source, the EU will accelerate the development of a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the partial mobilization announced by Putin and the upcoming referenda, clarifies RIA Novosti on Thursday, September 22.

Sanctions may also affect the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian oil.

“The commission is currently looking for a format for the implementation of these decisions in order to maximize their effectiveness, hence the discussions regarding unanimity and possible restrictions on the right of veto. Although the commission is discussing these elements, in view of recent events, increased sanctions cannot be ruled out,” the source of the publication explained.

As the interlocutor of the agency pointed out, the European Commission will present a new package of sanctions at the end of next week. Estimated date is September 28th.

Earlier it was reported that new EU sanctions may affect the ban on the import of Russian diamonds and other luxury goods.

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