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ASTANA. KAZINFORM Kazakh-Russian cooperation has always been distinguished by a high level of trust and constructive approaches. In the current situation, the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan are guided by the current legislation of the country and international treaties. This is stated in the commentary on the issue of the procedure for the entry and stay of Russian citizens in Kazakhstan, Kazinform reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“With regard to the concern of some Kazakhs about the growing number of citizens of the Russian Federation coming to our country, we consider it necessary to clarify the following.

There is a procedure for the entry and stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan of foreign citizens, control over them is carried out Border Service KNB and MIA RKrespectively.

Today, all state bodies are working normally and provide constant control over the situation. At the same time, foreign citizens of any country They have no right to indefinite stay on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, they must comply with the requirements of the migration legislation of our country.

Separately, we emphasize that we live in a state of law, and our actions must proceed from this postulate. Therefore, existing agreements must be respected, and possible violations must be suppressed administratively.

The state has enough mechanisms to protect national interests, which are above all.

It is also noted that in any difficult geopolitical situation around, we will proceed from the priority of national security.

The stability of our state in the conditions of turbulence around is being seriously tested.

At the same time, the high humanity inherent in our people dictates the need to adhere to certain moral rules. We believe that our citizens will show their inherent wisdom and remain true to the traditions of hospitality.

Kazakhstan is a sovereign and independent state, a strong and united country.

The head of state repeatedly stressed the importance of the unity of the people in any situation.

It is important to remember that any harsh statement or action can have an undesirable effect in a difficult environment.

The infrastructure of Kazakhstan today makes it relatively painless to go through the current situation with migration. Service and service facilities also operate within their capacity.

We are closely monitoring the current situation, and in the event of serious risks, appropriate measures will be taken, taking into account international law and national legislation.

We believe it is important to trust the official and objective information of state bodies, which will help to avoid unnecessary speculation,” the message says.

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