The Chopo Cultural heritage of the CDMX? This is how he wants to achieve it – El Sol de México

The Cultural Market of poplar turns 42 on October 4 and as a place of coexistence, communion Y tolerancetheir representatives want their legacy to endure in the coming generations.

That is why they are summoning the entire rock communityto join and sign a petition to declare the Chopo Market What Cultural heritage of the Mexico City and thus give it the fair value that it has earned for more than 40 years.

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Through a releasethe committee of Tianguis explained that the poplar It is a place where the rebel music in their different formats and with various ideologiesin addition to the fact that in its history there are more than seven thousand multidisciplinary artistic projects that are presented in its various forums.

The document indicates that in the corridors of the tianguis thousands of attendees have passed, not only from the Mexico Cityalso inside the republic and of countries of America, Europe Y Asia.

The representatives of poplar maintain that “they are a space achieved self-managedaddressed to the members of the different generations that have been permeated by the culture generated by the Rock“.

“The poplar has everything to be Cultural heritage of the Mexico City. It is an emblematic place, open as a public forum to all the needs of art and as one more alternative to the recreation of CDMX”, he assures in the document.

For now, receiving signatures directly on the tianguis and it began on September 10. The table is installed on the street of Aldamacorner with Moonon the zone of Radio Poplar and exchange. The hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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