The Accounts Chamber urged to sell, not to destroy confiscated property (September 22, 2022)

Destroying the confiscated, but high-quality goods of the light and food industries, tobacco and cosmetics, the state loses additional income. Their implementation would not only replenish the budget, but also eliminate cases of illegal trafficking, the Accounts Chamber said in a statement.

“The total accounting value of the confiscated property that came into state ownership in 2018-2021 amounted to more than 9 billion rubles. The property with the highest book value (over 1 million rubles) is light industry goods, medicines and cosmetics, which are subject to destruction. For the period 2018 – Q1 2021, the territorial bodies of the Federal Property Management Agency sold only about 8% of the received property. Revenues amounted to just over 300 million rubles. At the same time, property with an accounting value of more than 2 billion rubles was sent for destruction, ”said auditor Andrey Baturkin.

Speaking about the benefits of selling confiscated goods, he stressed that this would minimize the risks of their further illicit trafficking, since the audit revealed numerous facts of loss and improper storage of such property. Storage agreements with executors were concluded, according to him, in the amount of up to 100 rubles, and in the event of the disappearance of property, the fine did not exceed 10%, that is, 10 rubles.

According to the auditor, special attention should be paid to alcohol confiscated, since at present the total weight of products transferred for storage by Rosspirtprom JSC is not reviewed, weight loss of low-alcohol products during long-term storage is not taken into account and natural wastage rates are not applied.

The Accounts Chamber proposed processing and using seized or confiscated ethyl alcohol and alcohol-containing products, as well as establishing a procedure for transferring seized methyl alcohol and methyl-containing liquids, since they are toxic substances and must be stored under special conditions.

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