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Every day is greater scientific evidencewhich together with clinical practice, show that a diet with a lower intake of foods of animal origin has many benefits for the environment and for healthamong them: improves the intestinal microbiota, better weight control, lower risk of suffering from cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, high cholesterol or insulin resistance, less inflammation which reduces joint pain or symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

But apart from health, some of the reasons why people adopt the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is also because welfare, ethics and respect for animals are sought; even in Mexico it is estimated that 19% of the population are vegetarians and 9% vegans, being the country with the most vegetarians in Latin America, according to a study carried out by the consulting firm Nielsen. In you can find recipes to innovate your dishes with delicious recipes and start new habits.

Prepare a vegan menu at home for less than 100 pesos

And if you are one of those who is still a bit confused about the terms, we explain that being a vegetarian consists of avoiding the consumption of meat in the diet and being a vegan is a lifestyle where your diet is based on floorsthat is to say, everything that comes from animals is completely excluded here, not only in terms of food but also in outfitbeauty products, among others.

Get into the vegan tacos and vibrate high

Some recommendations:

  • Follow a food plan guided by health professionals.

  • Eat a balanced and complete diet to avoid deficiencies.

  • Supplement by medical indication, what the body requires.

How to eat a vegan diet

some variants

Anyone who cares about wearing a balanced diet you need to know these branches.

Flexitarians: This term has gained a trend in recent years and consists of following a vegetarian diet at home and making exceptions for the consumption of meat or derivatives of animal products in meetings or social events. It is believed that it is the previous step to progressively accustom the body to the change in diet.

Lactovegetarians: Lactovegetarians eat a vegetarian diet, but include dairy products such as milk, butter, and cheese.
Lacto-ovo vegetarians: They are people who include eggs and dairy products in their diet.

Raw Vegans: Raw vegans are vegetarians who exclude all cooked foods, that is, they eat 100% raw vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds and cereals.

Pescetarian: They are people who accept the consumption of fish in their diet. About 3% of people in the world are pescetarians.

vegan chocolate ice cream

To eat healthy in CDMX

Vegan Inc.

Here you will find everything that a “normal” restaurant offers, but with ingredients that will surprise you: a portobello chicharrón, grilled marinated mushroom tacos al pastor, breaded organic tofu tacos, lasagna with mushroom bolognese and beef burgers. beans. Everything is made by hand.

Location: Av. Revolución 1544, Col. Guadalupe Inn.

Groovys Vegan Taqueria

The menu was in charge of chef Fernando Veras and, although the vegan tacos are the highlight, you will also find breakfast options, cocktails, desserts and fresh juices all day on the menu.

Location: Insurgentes Sur 403, Col. Condesa.

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

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