Syria accuses Israel of missile attack on Damascus

missile attack
©Ahmad al-ATRASH / AFP / EastNews

Israel launched a missile attack on the Syrian capital Damascus. This was reported by Reuters on Saturday, September 17.

The publication notes that the first about the missile attack was told on the state television of Syria. The country’s air defense forces “repulsed the Israeli attack,” writes Reuters.

The Syrian state television claims that 5 people died as a result of the Israeli attack. The strike was aimed at the vicinity of the Damascus airport and a number of facilities south of the capital.

The last time the Syrian media reported on Israeli missile strikes was on September 6th. The targets were the areas of Aleppo and Dir az-Zura. As a result of the attack, the GDP at the Allepo airport was destroyed. There were dead and wounded.

On August 16, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation also stated that the tank of the Israel Defense Forces deliberately violated the line of demarcation in the Golan Heights and sent the barrel towards the positions of the Syrian army. In accordance with the obligations to implement the UN Security Council resolution on the disengagement of the parties to the Syrian-Israeli conflict, the Israeli Armed Forces do not have the right to cross this line.

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