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Although it is not his first experience in the Tecate-Festival Coordinate in Guadalajara musicians of the group Swarm they will live it in a special way because they will carry the 13 new songs from his album next neighborsjust like him EP in English Ragweedwith whom they have toured the country and will now perform an explosive performance 10 times amplified in sound, unlike their concerts in closed forums.

The brothers Luis Humberto and Rafael Navejas, leaders of the group for 26 years, agreed to report that they are returning to this scenery which is in its seventh edition with all its evolution musicalfrom album debut solace on sunday.

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“For us, this festival is explosive, with the fans crowded, in expectation, with the volume amplified 10 times for our rolas and with a time that could even be said fleeting and even short that time seems to be on stage. our state of mind in festivals is different from a Metropolitan Theater”, they agreed.

“We are hungry to be in live concert concise on Guadalajara soil, where we know our fans are waiting for us because we haven’t played in Guadalajara, and for those who don’t know us, give us the opportunity to hook up with our songs”, affirmed Luis Humberto.

He added that they feel like “high-performance athletes with a preparation dominated by decades with a great activity this year on tours and promotion because they did not have the time to next neighbors because of the pandemic.”

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admirers of bands such as Fobia, Caifanes, Los Fabulosos Cadilacs and La Maldita Vecindad, these last four who are also on the bill for October 7 and 8, agreed to highlight that they do not know if they will do a pigeon with some other singer from another band in Coordinate .

prepare new album

Rafael and Luis Humberto, natives of Zacatecas, reported that they already have a new album almost 75 percent finished, plus another in parallel being produced, for which “we have added new lyrics as instruments different from those used and as if that were not enough , some collaborations that we will have in secret”. In addition, they will attend a festival in Colombia next December.

Swarm will be on October 7 on the Vicente Fernández García stage as part of the seventh Tecate-Festival Coordinate 2022.

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