Smart face mask that can detect Covid and the flu: this is how it works

For two years, society had to live in quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and one of the things that the appearance of the virus left us with was the daily use of face masks.

Although many people still do not like to carry it or use it correctly, this is a great ally when it comes to preventing infections, and now a team of researchers designed a new function, detect people who are infected with a virus.

According to research team from Shanghai Tongji University in China, this new mask is capable of detecting, after about 10 minutes, if a person is talking to another who is infected by one of the most common viruses, including the coronavirus.

The face mask, once it detects an infected person near you, notifies you through your mobile device of the presence of these pathogens in the air, giving you the opportunity not to contract the virus.

The researchers in their conclusions affirm that the mask can already greatly reduce the risk of spreading and contracting the disease, however, this new invention was designed in order to detect the presence of the virus in the air and to alert the user.

The operation of this new face mask is based on the fact that the respiratory pathogens that cause influenza A or viruses such as Covid-19 spread through small droplets released by infected people when they speak, cough and sneeze.

Yin Fang, a scientist at Tongji University, says that the mask detects the presence of these molecules in the air and that it works “very well in spaces with poor ventilation, such as elevators or closed rooms, where the risk of infection is high.”

It also adds that if a new respiratory virus emerges in the future, the mask can easily receive an update and improve the sensor to detect the presence of new pathogens.

The researchers are now working to shorten the detection time and further increase the sensitivity of the sensor.

Mexico will remove the use of mandatory face masks at work

On September 20, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, announced that in our country the preventive health measures that were issued two years ago for work centers will be replaced, including the use of face masks, which will not be required.

López-Gatell recalled that “the Mexican government never declared the mask mandatory, therefore, we do not have to declare that it is no longer mandatory because it never was, it is only a recommendation.”

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The undersecretary of Health stated that, at this time, these measures are no longer essential. “Shortly before the fifth wave they already were and we wanted to suspend the validity of those activities that were decreed in the Official Gazette in July of last year, already an ancestor. But the fifth wave came and, of course, we considered that it was inopportune that this was the moment to suspend them.”

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