shoes you can’t live without in autumn 2022

A pair of shoes for any wardrobe

Shoes are the most important element of the wardrobe, helping to look fashionable and modern, and a long-familiar model may be in the trend. Stylists recommend getting cowboy boots in the fall of 2022, informs

The most successful option, which is easily combined with different clothes, is black cowboy boots with low, stable heels and minimal decor, writes Live24. You can choose a model with a shortened top, the so-called Cossacks.

It was these boots that Princess Diana often wore, tucking straight light jeans into them. These shoes will look good with both dresses and skirts.

Another advantage of cowboy boots over many other types of footwear is comfort. Not all boots are as comfortable as Western shoes.

In autumn, it is difficult to decide on shoes, because the weather dictates some conditions, and fashion dictates others. However, stylists and fashion editors said what shoes are recommended to pay attention toto stay on trend.

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