September 24th. Kazinform calendar “Dates. Developments”

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Kazinform offers its readers the informational calendar “Dates. Developments”.


World Maritime Day

One of the international holidays in the United Nations system has been celebrated since 1978 by decision of the X session of the Assembly of the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization.

The purpose of World Maritime Day is to draw the attention of the international community to the irreparable damage to the seas and oceans caused by overfishing, water pollution and global warming. The most important tasks are to improve the environmental safety of maritime transport, prevent pollution of the marine environment, in particular by oil, preserve biological resources and combat poaching.

International caravan day

Established in 1995 by the International Association for the Rationalization of Transport and Freight Operations. It is celebrated by caravan leaders and other participants in transport columns and ship caravans, truckers, crews of merchant ships and crews of escort ships.


AT 1934 The Uighur Theater of Musical Comedy was founded. The original name is the Uighur Regional Drama Theater of Music. In 1941-1961 he was in the Enbekshi-Kazakh region, later he moved to Almaty. In 1964, it was renamed the Republican Uighur Musical Drama Theater.

AT 1991 The Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR adopted the first official document, the Decree “On the conclusions and conclusions of the Commission for the final assessment of the circumstances related to the events in Alma-Ata on December 17-18, 1986”, which stated that the speeches of the youth were not nationalistic and at the initial stages were not illegal.

AT 1996 The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty was opened in New York for signing. According to this document, each State Party undertakes not to conduct a nuclear weapon test explosion, to prohibit and prevent a nuclear explosion in any place under its jurisdiction or control. Kazakhstan signed the agreement on September 30, 1996 and ratified it on December 14, 2001.

AT 1997 in the National Printing House of France, a new Kazakhstani postage stamp was made, on which an image of a map of the republic and a portrait of the First President of sovereign Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev.

AT 2005 In Petropavlovsk, a monument to the victims of political repressions was unveiled. The author of the project is the Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Khasen Abaev.

Three colors were used in the composition – black as a symbol of death, red – the color of blood and white – the color of hope, faith in the future, the color of life. On the square where the monument is installed, there is a square, made in compliance with all modern requirements of urban landscape design.

AT 2010 famous Kazakh poet and prominent public figure Olzhas Suleimenov became a screenwriter and producer of the historical drama Zhangir.

The new project is a historical drama about the December events of 1825, at the epicenter of which was the Kazakh Khan Zhangir. Filming took place in St. Petersburg. Russian, Kazakh, as well as French and Finnish filmmakers are involved in the film. The total budget of the picture was 8-9 million dollars.

AT 2011 the best film of the VII International Film Festival “Eurasia” was recognized a picture of a novice Kazakh director Yerlan Nurmukhambetov and a Japanese director Sano Shinju “Before the Thunderstorm” (Japan-Kazakhstan).

AT 2012 in Pavlodar, in the square “Densaulyk” on one of the central streets, in a bronze sculptural composition were immortalized two outstanding people, two friends Shokan Valikhanov and Grigory Potanin, who lived in the 19th century and made a great contribution to the development of culture, science and literature. This monument is the personification and symbol of the historical friendship of the two peoples,

The 3.6-meter-high sculptural composition is the work of the well-known Kazakhstani sculptor-monumentalist Murat Mansurov.

AT 2013 scientists of the Institute of Oriental Studies. R.B. Suleimenov was brought from Iran and India about 40 copies of old manuscripts created in the XI-XVIII centuries, which are directly related to the history of Kazakhstan. The documents were found by scientists of Kazakhstan during an expedition to the museums of Iran and India as part of the “People in the Stream of History” program.

AT 2018 in the 5th microdistrict of the city of Aktobe opened the bridge named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Aliya Moldagulova, which is of great importance for the city.

AT 2019 Kazakh chess player Zhansaya Abdumalik signed a contract with the world-famous Baden-Baden superclub, which traditionally gathers the strongest female chess players in the world – world champions in classical, rapid and lightning chess of different years.

The captain of the Baden-Baden team noted that the club is very pleased that a young and strong chess player has joined their roster.

AT 2020 in Turkey took place the opening ceremony of the park and a memorial plaque in honor of the great poet and thinker of the Kazakh people Abai. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the mayor of the Muratpasha district of Antalya, Umit Uysal, noted that the naming of the park after Abay is an important event demonstrating the spiritual and cultural closeness of the Kazakh and Turkish peoples.

AT 2020 at the United Nations Headquarters, Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to the UN Kairat Umarov signed Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, aiming at the abolition of the death penalty.

The decision to join the International Protocol on the Abolition of the Death Penalty was announced by the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his speech at the general political debate of the 75th anniversary session of the UN General Assembly. He stressed that Kazakhstan is committed to realizing the fundamental right to life and human dignity.

AT 2020 in Abu Dhabi (UAE) opened cultural and educational hall “Abai”, in which readers can get acquainted with works in Kazakh, Arabic and English, dedicated to the life and work of the poet. The hall will also be used to organize official events dedicated to the issues of cultural cooperation between Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Madiyar Menilbekov noted that the cultural and educational hall “Abay” would make a great contribution to the popularization of the literary heritage of the Kazakh people among compatriots abroad, introduce local readers to the works of the Kazakh classic.

AT 2021 the opening ceremony of the monument to the poet took place in Nur-Sultan, founder Tajik and Persian classical literature by Abu Abdallahu Rudaki.

“Kazakhstan highly appreciates the creative heritage of the great poet Abu Abdallah Rudaki. His poetry has entered the treasury of world culture. Such outstanding poets and writers of the East as Omar Khayyam, Nizami, Firdowsi, Jami and Rumi grew up on the work of Rudaki. And today, on the street of the same name, we are opening a monument to the founder of Tajik and Persian classical literature, Abu Abdallah Rudaki. I know that in Dushanbe there is a street named after the outstanding Kazakh thinker Abai. Cultural and spiritual ties have always been and remain a solid foundation in bilateral relations. And it is very important to honor the memory of our outstanding ancestors,” said Senate Speaker Maulen Ashimbaev.

AT 2021 in Almaty, on the wall of house No. 43 of the Samal-2 microdistrict, where the poet, winner of the Tarlan award, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Shomishbai Sariev lived, was installed Memorial plaque.

AT 2021 for the Museum of the Shevchenko National Reserve in the city of Kaniv were brought things of Kazakh life, national costumes and more to complement the exposition dedicated to the “Kazakh period” of the life and work of Taras Shevchenko.

The Great Kobzar spent 10 years in exile in the Mangistau region of Kazakhstan and during this period he created about 500 unique pictorial works, of which 350 are dedicated to the Kazakh people, their way of life and culture, nature of Kazakhstan.

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