Senator Lukin proposed measures to curb food prices

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Food prices have risen by 20%, according to official statistics, but in fact goods have risen in price by 50%. Senator Andrey Lukin expressed this opinion in his deputy’s request addressed to the Prime Minister of the country, Kazinform correspondent reports.

The deputy believes that this is due to the fact that the Ministry of Trade and Integration, the Antimonopoly Committee and akimats do not provide proper legislative regulation and methodological impact on the sphere of trade in socially significant food products.

“The requirements of Article 9 of the Law “On the Regulation of Trading Activities” on the inadmissibility of exceeding the 15% markup on socially significant food products are declarative in nature, practically no one complies. Characteristic violations were the facts of inefficient use and theft of budget funds, improper storage, distribution and planning of the volumes of socially significant food products, as well as shortcomings in the work of akimats,” the deputy said.

Andrei Lukin emphasized that no authorized body initiates the issue of streamlining legislation in this area. In this regard, the senator proposed mechanisms to improve the situation in the field of food security.

“It is necessary to form long-term state orders to large domestic producers of socially significant food products for uniform deliveries to the Stabilization Funds with subsidized transportation costs. Determine the irreducible stock of socially significant food products by analogy with the state material reserve. Initiate the development of mechanisms to protect the domestic market of socially significant food products from any negative phenomena,” Andrey Lukin suggested.

In addition, the senator proposed to digitize the process of selling socially significant goods from the moment they enter the market to selling them to the end consumer, including mechanisms for controlling the availability of retail space and the volume of products in the Stabilization Funds.

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