Sader and CNA form a commission that seeks to strengthen agri-food health – El Sol de México

To strengthen agri-food health and safety in the country, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader) and the National Agricultural Council (CNA) formed a Monitoring Commission for the Concertation Agreement that both parties signed in 2020.

The objective is to promote health and safety in the country’s agricultural, livestock, fishing and aquaculture production.

The work teams of the National Service for Agrifood Health, Safety and Quality (Senasica), Francisco Javier Trujillo, and the National Agricultural Council, Juan Cortina Gallardo, signed the Act of Integration of the Monitoring Commission, which establishes responsibilities for the federal government and the productive sector.

Both agreed to form two permanent working groups on Plant Health and Animal Health.

Trujillo Arriaga said that the CNA is a strategic partner of Senasica, since it is the ideal link to communicate to producers Sader’s actions to protect the field from pests and diseases, with the purpose of guaranteeing food supply.

This association with the CNA allows producers to join the tasks of Senasica’s agronomists, veterinarians and biologists and make the plant and animal health campaigns their own.

And the president of the CNA, Juan Cortina Gallardo, pointed out that the Agreement that was signed two years ago allows the productive sectors to assume their responsibility with agri-food health and recognize the work that Senasica does to protect food production.

The National Agricultural Council represents 1.8 million producers from all agri-food sectors, of which more than two thirds are small and medium-scale.

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