Russians will fight for the Fatherland for the sake of a great future

The Russians will defend their sovereignty, culture and traditions. This was announced on Wednesday, September 21, at an event in Veliky Novgorod on the occasion of the 1160th anniversary of the birth of Russian statehood, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to him, Russian civilization is original, it has its own way, informs Kremlin press office. “And there is no arrogance or superiority in recognizing this fact,” the leader of the Russian state noted. “This civilization is ours. That’s what’s important for us,” said the President of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the Russians will fight for their homeland, freedom, independence, traditions in the name of their ancestors and descendants, for the sake of the great history of Russia and its future, he said.

Putin called Veliky Novgorod, Rurik’s Settlement, Staraya Ladoga, Izborsk the cradle of Russia, the source of Russian civilization and the state, culture, and enlightenment.

Putin also noted that Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Nicholas II, among other things, made Russia a great power, although, according to him, not much time has passed to evaluate their work. The fate of Russia was determined by statesmen, workers, soldiers, scientists, “all our people,” the Russian leader stressed.

He pointed out that Russia would no longer be expected to weaken its sovereignty, which is deadly for it, the Russians would not succumb to blackmail and intimidation.

According to the head of the Russian state, being a patriot is “the essence of the nature and character of the Russian people.” He noted that now during the special operation in Ukraine, soldiers and officers, volunteers are showing precisely such higher human qualities.

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