Royal experts told who will get the jewelry and outfits of Elizabeth II

After the late Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, a large collection of jewelry remained. According to the assumption of an expert on the British royal family Ingrid Seward (Ingrid Seward), Elizabeth II sorted and distributed the items from this collection in advance.

How writes The Daily Mail, citing Seward, said the late queen’s jewelery will go to various members of her family. Most likely, the lion’s share of the collection will go to the wife of the eldest grandson of Elizabeth II William – Kate Middleton, who after the death of the monarch received the title of Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.

The Duchess received the privilege of taking most of the jewelry from the royal collection due to the fact that her husband now occupies first place in the line of succession to the throne in the UK. Accordingly, Kate will eventually become queen.

However, Seward warned, there was a pitfall in the distribution of the royal jewelery collection. According to the expert, the queen consort, the wife of King Charles III, Camilla, will receive the first choice. In addition, certain items from the collection will remain at her disposal on an unconditional basis, as required by the duties of the queen consort.

As for the wardrobe of Elizabeth II, another expert on the British royal family Christine Ross (Christine Ross) suggested that the most iconic outfits of the deceased monarch will be preserved for history. The British non-profit organization Historic Royal Palaces keeps some of the outfits of Queen Victoria and Princess Diana for the same reasons. According to Ross, the hats of Elizabeth II and some other items of her wardrobe, of course, are of no less historical value.

The expert expressed her conviction that the dresses that Elizabeth II wore to her wedding and coronation will be kept separately.

The property of the royal family, which includes, among other things, archives and a collection of paintings, is estimated at £ 15.2 billion. In addition to material values, after Elizabeth II, there were dogs that the queen called her family. Previously, it was known what fate awaits the dogs of Elizabeth II and who will take care of them.

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