Rosario Flores will receive the 2022 Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence – El Sol de México

thirty years in the flamenco rumba Y rosary flowers It is very clear: “I am an animal of the stage”. She doesn’t say it out of rhetoric. Her gypsy passion is in her blood. Now that she is about to receive the Latin Grammy Awards for Musical Excellence 2022is aware of her lineage: “I wouldn’t be the artist I am if I hadn’t been born where I was born”.

rosary flowers He was born in Madrid on November 4, 1963, in the midst of the Franco dictatorship. She is the daughter of El Pescaílla —one of the parents of the flamenco rumba— and Lola Flores —Andalusian cantaora, a pioneer in addressing feminist issues in the Flemish. Twelve platinum and two gold discs also prove her as one of the greatest pop exponents of this culture that can be heard in tablaos, bars, streets, theaters and, from a few years to now, even in the festivals of rock.

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In interview with The Sun of MexicoRosario assures that the music always forward, never backward. And if he does it, he says, it is to take some basis, some strength, always necessary to look forward.

“There are purists for whom the Flemish pure is untouchable”, he acknowledges. “But music has changed a lot, especially because now artists we reached the whole world in an instant.”

The interpreter of How nice —one of his great hits— states that “the music is evolution” and remembers that, when she began her career in the early 1990s, “there were older people who did not welcome my music”. That is why she refuses to join in the criticism against what is currently perhaps the most visible figure in Spanish pop with Flemish roots: Rosalia.

“Evolution is change and that is a reality: the future is like this. I love seeing young artists, seeing their contributions, and if I can be an inspiration, I’m welcome”, she says. “To me Rosalia I think she is a super creative artist, with a lot of strength, who is living her moment. She is a strong aunt who has it very clear. She strikes me as quite an interesting proposition.”

rosary flowers is a artist multifaceted. His artistic paths have diverged on more than one occasion. He knows the abc of flamenco, but he also knows how to make it attractive to the masses, merge it with pop, rock, bolero. What she is sure of is her predilection for the old ways. It’s a kind of romanticism for the acoustic, the analog. Or as she calls it: the organic.

“The music live is the best thing in the world, whatever, wherever it is expressed. Playing live and having musicians to reach people’s hearts… I’m very organic. That’s how I’ve been trained. I am more organic than current programming, which allows you to find modern sounds. I think that what is cool in the end is a guitar, a song pretty. Because you can definitely move just with a guitar”.

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This woman with obvious Moorish features —the same ones that continue to be segregated in Europe and many parts of the world— he does not like to talk about politics. He says that he is not familiar with her. “I prefer the politics of love, it is what I carry out,” she clarifies. Although she does not refuse to reflect on the gypsy culture from which she learned —and she apprehended— so much.

“Anything that vindicates Roma societies is always good to combat prejudice, because it is absurd that there are still prejudices against races. Times are changing thank God: now there are minds aware of how absurd racism is, that big mistake. And the thing is that the best thing we gypsies have is the spirit of music: it is our breath. Music is part of us. It is not a job: it is a way of life. We are very free beings. We have a very healthy vanity. We are more about enjoying life than about earning material things”, he concludes.

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