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Do you remember when in 2000 extremely slim figures with flat stomachs and hip pants were a trend? Well, you should know that this trend has returned and with it the presence again of the double zero size.

This year it became more present after the Miu Miu brand launched its collection with its famous top and microskirt set, revealing almost the entire body but, above all, the abdomen to the hip.

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Although it seems that it is a trend that has just arrived, the reality is that for some years it has already been appearing in some parades, warning in some way that it would return to stay, at least for a while.

Given this, we consulted the specialist Rosario Espino, who was one of the professionals who three years ago warned about the return of the double zero size and, most worryingly, the increase in aesthetic violence.

What is aesthetic violence?

With a degree in Nutrition and a specialization in Eating Behavior, Psychonutrition, Intuitive and Conscious Eating, Rosario Espino spoke to us about the risk involved in the “double zero” trend and explained the meaning of aesthetic violence.

“This trend has a much deeper background than aesthetic violence, that is, that type of violence that is exerted above all on women to achieve an aesthetic ideal at any cost.

“If you are a person who already lived in 1999-2000, if you lived through that and all the previous fashions, you know what comes next, because everyone knows that fashion is cyclical, then for a long time we were waiting : At what point will the fashion of 2000 return? And that was exactly a topic that I discussed about three years ago in an Instagram live.

“At that time there was talk that ‘worse times would come’, ‘hip pants are coming’ and that is the memory that we all had in that forum about the fashion of 2000: very low pants where you had to be very thin so that they could fit you well, as well as strapless backless blouses. It is a fashion where you are completely uncovered. So that led you to reach an ideal of thinness for many people completely unattainable, ” the specialist said

How come the double zero size came back?

The nutritionist explained to us that everything starts with celebrities, people who are in everyone’s sights and who impose what will be the trends, including Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid.

“Celebrities are the first to start, we begin to perceive a quantity of information where we see the greatest exponents of fashion take off all their curves, like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, that she was born that way, but she is at a time like the one lived Heidi Klum and even Kate Moss.

“From all this a fashion is derived and tends to be romanticized, it is like a nostalgia, which reminds us of that type of fashion that was called Heroin Chic, a fashion style popularized in the early 1990s and characterized by pale skin, dark circles, emaciated features and extreme thinness, all associated with the abuse of heroin and other drugs.

“Kate Moss was known for her addiction to cocaine. So the risk of this fashion coming back is that we fall back into those patterns that are very harmful to health,” the specialist pointed out.

In addition, he stressed that that time represented a trauma for those who are now adult women and who are just recovering from the negative impact it had on them, which brings back those memories where celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff did everything possible to be thin.

“All of them were never fat, because apart from that they made us believe, that they were fat, they lost a lot of weight, and until now we don’t know what they had to do to get there, and that’s how this type of behavior begins to normalize And that’s the danger.”

Size double zero and eating disorders

These types of trends, said Espino, tend to normalize the restriction and with it risky eating behaviors, where women end up choosing to do extreme diets, leading them to put their health at risk.

The issue with disorders and normalizing these types of situations and fashions is that they are very silent diseases.

“You realize the problem until the person is already very bad. In addition, we tend to associate an eating disorder with extreme thinness and not all people who have disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, vigorexia or orthorexia, are going to look like this” assured the specialist.

It also revealed that in Mexico there is not even information on the incidence of death from anorexia.

“If you are looking for statistics on the incidence of death due to anorexia in Mexico, there are none. In fact, that information is very difficult to find, unlike the United States or Argentina, which are countries where they do talk about these problems, but in Mexico they do not. , because here they only focus on the problem of obesity.

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“Eating behavior disorders are not exclusive to one size and setting this bar so high in the fashion of the 2000s is going to greatly complicate the relationship between food and the body of people. In women is where all the pressure and that is the risk that we are now about to live and hence the importance of asking for help. If you are going through a problem, if you feel that you need help, ask for it”, Thorn concluded.

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