Receipts for payment of utilities and taxes are sent by scammers in North Kazakhstan region

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM – A new type of fraud has been registered in the North Kazakhstan region. Malefactors through the bank’s mobile application send messages about invoices for paying taxes and utility bills, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the press service of the police department, residents of the region have already lost 12 million tenge. Fraudsters took advantage of the fact that people usually pay such receipts automatically, without much attention.

“Fake messages are easy to spot. They contain the word “seller”, which cannot be in this message from an organization that has the right to levy taxes or pay utility bills. To the left of the genuine message is the organization’s logo – scammers will have the first letter of their first or last name instead of a logo. The names of organizations prescribed by swindlers – JSC Taxes of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC KAZtransGAZ – may resemble the official names of organizations, but will not completely coincide with them, ”commented Marat Zhumaliev, head of the criminal police department.

The Police Department sent an information letter to the regional branch of the bank with recommendations to reduce the likelihood of registration of fraudsters in the bank.

“When you receive a message about the need to make a payment, compare it with real receipts. If in doubt, contact the organization by official phone and check whether such a message was really sent to you,” Marat Zhumaliev added.

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