Queen Elizabeth II’s greatest wish never came true

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

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Queen Elizabeth II has always had an active interest in horse racing. All her life she has been involved in breeding horses specifically for this sport. After Her Majesty’s death, sports journalist Claire Balding shared the Queen’s desire for horse racing.

“Since Queen’s horse Halo finished second in the derby after her coronation in 1953, Her Majesty’s goal was to win the greatest race of all.” True, this never happened. However, the horses bred with the participation of Elizabeth won all other British classics, writes Hellomagazine.

The queen’s love for these animals was so strong that she ordered cameras to be installed in the foal boxes. This was done so that Elizabeth could watch their birth or enter the stable in time to attend in person. She was there in the mornings too, looking at the horses and talking to all the grooms.

“Racing was a passion that she shared with the public. Racing was a wonderful activity that she enjoyed,” said Claire Balding.

Her Majesty’s love for animals extended not only to racehorses, but also to ponies. The queen loved to talk about their behavior.

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