Putin wants to end the existence of Ukraine, says Biden after mobilizing reserves

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday accused his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, of wanting to end Ukraine’s right to exist.

“This war seeks to end Ukraine’s right to exist, simply put,” Biden lashed out.

He also issued a strong warning about the use of nuclear weapons, stating that a nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought.

“Putin assures that he had to act, because Russia was being threatened. No one threatened Russia. No one but Russia was the one who sought the conflict,” Joe Biden said as soon as he began his speech before the UN General Assembly.

He assured that the war was the choice of one man, and accused him of wanting to erase Ukraine from the map, in a blatant violation of the United Nations Charter, the founding document of the organization and the axis of the global liberal order created after World War II. World War.

The US president condemned the actions taken in recent hours by Putin, who ordered the partial mobilization of 300,000 Russian reservists for the war in Ukraine.

In addition, Biden accused Putin of making irresponsible threats about the use of nuclear weapons, after the Russian leader promised to protect his country by all means.

In this sense, the Russian president declared that those who seek to blackmail with atomic weapons must know that the compass rose can turn against them.

“There will be serious consequences. Not only will he be a pariah on the world stage, but there will be serious consequences,” one of the White House spokesmen, John Kirby, said in an interview on ABC, in what was Washington’s first reaction to Moscow actions.

Putin knows there are no winners in a nuclear war: Putin

For his part, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for calm after Putin’s threats to resort to his entire arsenal against Ukraine, and assured that the president knows very well that a nuclear war has no winners.

“(Putin’s words) are dangerous and reckless nuclear rhetoric. It is not new, as he has done it many times before,” said Stoltenberg, who made it clear that the Russian president knows very well that a nuclear war should never be waged and it cannot be won.

For that reason, the allied secretary general indicated that NATO has increased its presence, especially in the eastern part of the Alliance, also to eliminate any margin of miscalculation or misunderstanding in Moscow.

“We are communicating very clearly that we watch very closely what Russia does. So far we have not seen any change in the nuclear posture, in the nuclear readiness, but we are following it very closely and staying vigilant,” she explained.


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