Puebla’s conflict with normalistas slows CDMX for almost two days

After two weeks of strike at the “Carmen Serdán” Rural Normal School, located in the municipality of Teteles de Ávila Castillo, Puebla, a group of young people from the Federation of Socialist Peasant Students of Mexico traveled 262.3 kilometers to Mexico City , where it maintains a blockade since last Tuesday in Reforma and Insurgentes in the search for federal authorities to support its demand to remove the campus board.

The normalistas had remained a few days on Av. Juárez, however, after a talk with authorities from the Secretaries of Public Education and the Interior, they released the road and moved to Santo Domingo awaiting an agreement. Not reaching a solution, the students decided to plant themselves from Tuesday, around 2:00 p.m., at the intersection of Insurgentes and Paseo de la Reforma, at the height of the Cuitláhuac monument, with the aim that their requests be heard.

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The protest, in which more than 150 students participate, generated a great road chaos, because it affected two of the main access roads to the Center of the country’s capital. The normalistas placed three trucks that transported them, one of them was at the intersection between Reforma and Insurgentes, and the other two on Reforma, heading towards Avenida Juárez.

Thousands of people have had to walk to their destinations. Metrobus Line 1, which runs from Indios Verdes to El Caminero, and Line 7, from Indios Verdes to Campo Marte, established service circuits to go around the point of the blockade.

“We demand the meeting of a decisive nature, we ask for help from Alejandro Encinas (Undersecretary for Human Rights and Population of the Ministry of the Interior), we ask that the Government of Puebla present itself with the willingness to reach agreements, not as in past meetings that were have withdrawn. We demand support from authorities of the SEP and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador”, mentioned a student.

At a press conference, the students announced that by failing to reach an agreement and the little participation of Puebla authorities, they will maintain the blockade.

fight for control

Given the alleged intention of the Government of Puebla to eliminate the rural normalista model, as well as harassment actions against it, students of the Carmen Serdán Rural Normal School have kept the campus occupied since last September 6, in addition to protests in Mexico City seek the support of the federal government to achieve the dismissal of the directors.

The conflict originated when the administrators made the allocation of bedrooms and delivered a set of blankets and sheets to each of the new students. Students from the last semesters prevented it, accusing that it was a dispossession because the directors carried out an activity carried out by the Student Council.

According to the students, the Puebla government took action to weaken the institution through an educational certification process, promoted by the school’s governing body, which they accuse of abuses and conditioning in administrative matters.

The students point directly to the director Antonio García Ordóñez; the academic deputy director, Leticia Martínez Barrientos; and the administrative deputy director, Emilio Guerrero Becerra, for allegedly not respecting the internal organization of the students.

If the removal of the governing body materializes, it would be the third change of administration in just four years. The other two directors have been accused of mismanagement.

With information from Guillermo Mundo / El Sol de Puebla

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