Public transport bus crashes into trees on Mexico-Cuernavaca and leaves several injured – The Sun Post

This morning there was a strong accident where one was involved public transport unit of route 69, which covers the route from Topilejo to the Azteca Stadiumin the Tlalpan mayor’s office, when, apparently, the truck ran out of brakes and ended up crashing, leaving at least 31 injured.

According to the first reports, the driver had to make an emergency maneuver to avoid crashing into the houses, but ended up hitting a light pole and then invaded a narrow street where he finally finished his race and felled a huge tree.

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At the scene, several of the passengers were injured, but apparently none seriously, while the emergency forces continue in the area to support the emergency, reported the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and PC.

Until now, the injured wait sitting on the pavement and checking their wounds, while they wait for the rescue units arrive to check on them.

Police patrols also arrived at the scene of the accident. Secretariat of Citizen Securitywho protected the area and requested the support of the rescue teams.

More information is expected in the following hours to know exactly what caused the accident and if there is someone who is transferred to a hospital, as well as to know the condition of the driver.

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