PRI will hold 300 assemblies to publicize the deficient PEF sent by the government – El Sol de México

The coordinator of Institutional Revolutionary Party on the Camera of deputies, Ruben Moreira Valdezannounced that this parliamentary group will hold 300 assemblies throughout the country to publicize the flawed project of Expenses budget of the Federation 2023 who sent the government federal and also to present alternatives to combat it and exert pressure seeking to change it.

In these assemblies the PRI They will present an alternative fiscal and budgetary project that they will name: “Program for the Defense of the Family Economy and Employment”.

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Among other proposals is to increase the budget to the field, because in 2018 it had a budget close to billion of pesos, today it barely exceeds 60 millions of pesos. This means paying the payroll only, leaving the poorest peasants, those who are in the Candelillaon the lettucein temporary areas without a support.

Another important item is to increase the spent in medicines and infrastructure hospitable and with it, guarantee cancer treatments and invest in vaccines.

Increase the budgets for the service of drinking water, drainage, electrification and regularization of urban landso that everyone has their home legalized.

Also, increase subsidies to universities public and allocate resources to strengthen systems pensioners in the universities that they are about to reach a collapse.

Invest in the building Y maintenance of roadsmore resources for states and municipalities in matters of security, magical towns and environment; reactivate the 3 for 1 program that supported and brought justice to the communities migrantsamong many other demands.

Deputy Ildefonso Guajardostated that from the first Budget of 2022which we analyzed a year ago, we warned that unfortunately it did not comply with three fundamental elements that any Tax Package Budget must comply.

The first, be realisticnot to overestimate indicators that can still lead us to less room for maneuver, and today, as we said a year ago, the growth of the Mexican economy was calculated for 22, at 4.1 in the Economic package that they presented in 2021 and today we will be growing only at 2.4 percent.

Once again they overestimate the pace of the increaseintending to bring it to 3 percent in 2023 and with a reality that shows that most of the agencies who are making estimates, do not exceed 1.5.

Second, the inflationLike last year, we insisted to the government that it was underestimated in this case, and indeed, a year later we verified that the inflation It was twice as much as the one brought by Economic package presented in the 2021.

Now again there is a inflation from 8.9, when we are sure that it will happen to both digits.

This has implications for accounting, evaluation of the cost of debt. Already in this Budget the cost of the debt is practically increasing by 30 percent, and as points of the Gross domestic productis reaching 3.4 per hundred of GDPwhich implies that we are spending on the cost financialmore than We spend in educationmore than we spend on health.

Although the amount proportional to GDP is maintained, this does not mean that the debt does not increase. In fact, in this Tax Package they present us with the largest public deficit of the last 22 years in Mexico, 3.6 percent deficit.

This obviously defining the financial requirementsis clearly established because revenues are increasing by only 0.8 percent of the GDPwhile the expenses have a much higher increase, and therefore, there is an increase in the absolute debt and there is a clear increase in the fiscal deficit.

Unfortunately the budget Secretary of Economy it fell on average of the last 6 years until 2018 of 12 thousand millions pesos, three thousand millions of weights.

Those good intentions to promote a new development are not backed by an investment budget.

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