Police arrest involved in the case of actor Octavio Ocaña was legal

This Thursday, September 22, the legal situation of Leopoldo “N” will be defined regarding his probable responsibility in the crime of homicide caused by fault, to the detriment of the actor Octavio “N” occurred in Cuautitlán Izcalli.

Derived from the initial imputation hearing held this Wednesday, for compliance with the arrest warrant, a judge of Control of the Judicial Power of the State of Mexico (District of Tlalnepantla) described the arrest of the accused as legal.

The judge imposed the following precautionary measures: Exhibition of economic guarantee, periodic presentation before the State Center for Precautionary Measures and carrying of an electronic locator

If fulfilled, he could continue his process outside prison, respecting the coverage area established with the bracelet.

As will be remembered on October 29, 2021, Octavio “N” (who was an actor) was driving a Grand Cherokee truck, in the company of David “N” and Jonathan “N”, and was speeding on a road in Cuautitlan Izcalli.

Given this, the municipal police officers Leopoldo “N” and Gerardo “N”, through a talking radio system, told Octavio “N” to stop, he ignored and increased the speed.

Already in pursuit, both vehicles arrived at a road in Atizapán. One of the public security elements detonated the victim’s truck, who was carrying a firearm in his right hand.

The policemen hit the vehicle Octavio “N” on the right and left back, so the actor lost control and crashed into a mound of earth, which would cause him to fire the gun at his body and die. Note posted by The Sun of Toluca

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