Poisoning in a school cafeteria in Pavlodar region: the results of the check are known

PAVLODAR. KAZINFORM – Sanitary epidemiologists have completed an unscheduled inspection of the canteen of Sharbakty secondary school No. 2 after the mass poisoning of children, Kazinform reports citing

Specialists selected swabs to conduct microbiological studies and analyze pathogenic microflora. Employees of the catering unit were examined to see if they had dysentery or salmonellosis. They also examined water, products – buckwheat and apple juice, vegetables. But the results of the laboratory analysis were within the normal range.

Nevertheless, violations were found. Sanitary epidemiologists found out that the canteen is being disinfected poorly – flies fly inside, there are no documents on the quality and safety of fruits and vegetables, the cook did not have a permit to work.

“At the time of the survey, the actual diet did not correspond to the approved prospective menu. There was a three-section bath for washing tableware in the catering unit; there was no hot and cold water supply to the third section. At the time of the examination, the refrigerators were without thermometers,” the report says.

Plates with chipped edges, cutting boards with cracks, and the fact that the chef’s nails were varnished were also considered violations.

An individual entrepreneur who serves a canteen was issued an order. Violations must be corrected. The materials of the inspection were handed over to the police. The case is being investigated under the first part of Article 425 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The entrepreneur faces a fine – more than 704 thousand tenge.

Recall that nine students had signs of food poisoning. Children complained of vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, high fever. Five students were treated as outpatients. Four schoolchildren were hospitalized in the regional infectious diseases hospital. They were diagnosed with shigellosis caused by bacteria.

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